Free Meditation – 1st Root Chakra (7 chakras) – Guided Meditation

Try this free root chakra guided meditation before downloading the complete Grounding Releasing Chakra – Guided meditation.

This is the first part of a complete guided chakra activation meditation by Angel Meditations.
It is a guided root chakra activation meditation and gives your root chakra healing energy. You will do a powerful grounding excercise!

Download full chakra meditation

The complete chakra meditation treats all seven chakras in the human body with the corresponding chakra colors which will help you opening all your chakras one by one. Download and store the meditation on your computer, phone or mp3-player to listen to it where and when you want.
Get the Grounding Releasing Chakra – Guided meditation by following this link: Download full meditation

From the album: Chakra Activation

This free guided root chakra activation meditation is part of a complete guided chakra meditation which can be found on the Album: Chakra Activation.

Free meditation download

With some basic steps and our free to download meditation you can start right away. Meditation is easy to learn and can have lots of benefits for your mind and body, that is why thousands of people have started to meditate.
Follow our 5 easy steps and start to meditate with the guided meditation free download from Angel Meditations.