Third Eye Chakra Test

How do you know if your third eye is open?


This test provides information about the state of your third eye chakra, you will receive advise on third eye chakra healing and opening, 3rd eye chakra activation and doing meditations for your 3rd eye chakra.


Your 3rd eye Chakra stimulates understanding, reality check point, detachment and to have an open mind. It’s important you are very honest filling up these third eye chakra questionnaire, and take time to dig the feeling you get with each question. In this way you know where you are standing and so you can really help yourself.

Third Eye Chakra Test


Do you have an open mind?

Can you easily see outside the box?

Do you easily find solutions?

Do you dream often?

Can you see what people communicate?

Can you imagine your future?

Do you know what your life purpose is?

Can you look at challenges from a distance?

Do you daydream often?

Do you not judge people on how they appear?

Do you have vivid dreams and a strong vision?

Are you following your dream life?

Are you open for new ideas without judgment?

Can you see life from different perspectives?

Can you visualize your goals?

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