Chakra Test

Your 7 chakras are the energy points of your body. Each chakra is related to a different aspect of your life: health, abundance, relationship and creativity. By answering the questions of the chakra test for each chakra, you know where you stand on each aspect of life.


This chakra test helps you:

  • To identify which of your Chakras are the strongest or the weakest.
  • Learn about your 7 chakras how to open your chakras and to balance your chakras.
  • Learn the relationship of ¬†Chakras with important areas of your life.


For each chakra we designed a chakra test, start with the first chakra: the root chakra test. Depending on your results you will be given advice on how to continue: maybe your chakra needs more attention to balance or open it with excercises or meditation. If your chakra is already open and balanced you continue to the next chakra test!

Begin and start your root chakra test now